Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of doing certain things to increase the chance that Google or other search engines will list your website in a high position for search queries relevant to your business. It ain't rocket science...but it also ain't easy! You may very well be competing against dozens, hundreds or even many thousands of other websites, all wanting to rank for the same thing. There are only ten organic listings on the first page of a Google search. You do the math.

SEO is a strategic process that starts with identifying the very best search terms (keywords) to target for your business. They may not be the keywords you think. You've got to pick your battles. You've also got to think geographically as much as possible. If you operate in specific locations, target searchers in those locations. If there is a keyword you can target that offers less traffic but is in a much more favorable competitive situation, then go after that keyword. There is a whole universe of different ways people may be looking for the products or services you sell. Use the tools that are available to pinpoint those and go after them.

Use your keywords strategically in your website. Map them to different pages. Use them in page titles, meta data, headers, links and the copy. But avoid anything that appears spammy. Your website should be easy to read and it should make sense. If everything you do is done only for search rankings, your visitors will not hang around. It won't create business for you.

SEO does not begin after your website is built. It should be built into it from the start. Your website MUST be mobile friendly. Google has made that much clear. Mobile search traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic, so if your website does not provide a pleasing experience to the user, you don't have a chance. Use AMP to provide online Google searchers with a super optimized experience. Use SSL to make your site secure. These things are all part of SEO.

Create links and citations for your business. Use social media to spread your brand and create links. Create your own network of industry sites. But avoid creating thousands of links from non-relevant junk sites.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, it is! If you don't swim in this stuff every day like we do, it is very easy to spin your wheels. So instead of wasting your time, hire a group of badass SEO professionals. Hire Nashville SEO and let's get it on!

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