How to Update Your Facebook Buisness Page with Your WordPress Blog Posts

Crash Course in Updating Your Facebook Business Page with Your WordPress Blog Posts

Most of the websites I manage for my clients (and for myself) run on the WordPress platform. A strategy I often employ is to post blog posts to the website through WordPress, and then use that post as the subject of a Facebook update. However, the Facebook post needs to have an accompanying image. Facebook posts need to have an image. A post without an image will get overlooked. If you’re posting something to your personal account, that is fine. But if we’re talking about an update for your business Page, you need it to be noticed! That’s kind-of the point.

So…to start off, when you update your website with a new blog post, it should have an image. Often this is done by setting a featured image for the post. Or it might just be one or images that you added as part of the post content. However you do it, it makes the post more interesting to have images in it.

Once you finish the blog post, you should use it as the source of a Facebook update. To do that, all you have to do is do a Facebook update that includes the URL to the post. Facebook will automatically create an image for the update by grabbing an image from the blog post. Theoretically…

It sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the image result you get is often not what you want. Facebook has certain requirements regarding a minimum size for the image. It should grab the largest image on the blog post page. If it can’t find an image that meets its minimum size requirement, it will use whatever it deems as the default image for anything coming from your website.

Often, however, even if there is an image that meets the requirements, Facebook will not use it. Even more maddening, you can upload an image to the Facebook post and Facebook STILL won’t use it!

So what do you do?

Read on and I will tell you exactly what to do.

To start with, install the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. I would suggest you install Yoast anyway, regardless of anything to do with Facebook. Yoast is a very useful tool for optimizing a page of your site for a specific keyword. For our purposes here, however, I am only going to discuss how to use it to help with Facebook updates.

After you install and activate Yoast, you will see the Yoast section when you go to edit any post or page. What you want to do is click the middle icon on the Yoast menu on the left and then find the upload button that is labeld "Facebook Image". Then click that button to upload the image you want Facebook to use. In the image below, the red arrows point to the sections of the screen I am talking about.

Demonstrating Yoast to Select Facebook Image

You can also specify text you want Facebook to use for the title and description. I wanted to highlight the image part because that is what is most maddening. Once you have the image set, update the page or post.

Sometimes you still have to force Facebook to update the image that it shows. To do this, you use something called the Facebook Sharing Debugger. It is shown below:

Facebook Sharing Debugger

Type the URL for the page you are linking to in your Facebook post and click the Debug button. This will force Facebook to revisit the page and get the correct image to display.

This process does add a little bit of work to doing a Facebook post from content on your website, but it is worth it because you need Facebook to show the correct image. If you don't use images with your Facebook updates, they are far less likely to get noticed.

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