Seven Free Strategies for Making Better Use of Your Video Content

What I wanna talk about today are seven zero cost strategies for making better use of your video content. Now, if you don't currently create videos for your business, I highly suggest that you do, and that you manage a YouTube page to house those videos. It's well known now that YouTube is the second most highly searched search engine after Google. In addition to that, video content gets sucked into Google search results, so it's one more way for you to expose your business or your brand and inject yourself into Google search results.

So here are the seven strategies.

First, put your web address onscreen throughout your video. A lot of times someone may see your video in passing, or just not watch the whole thing, or just not watch enough to know what your business is or who you are. So at least if you have your URL onscreen throughout, then there's always that connection between what the person is watching and your website. In addition, when a screenshot is made of your video for purposes of linking to it, it'll always have your web address on there along with it.

Number two, when uploading your video to YouTube, give it a really detailed description, starting with the URL to your website. The text content of a YouTube video page is read by Google, so it helps with indexing, plus just providing more information to the user will give them a better idea if it's a video they want to watch. You can even go as far as to actually use a transcription of the video in the description. However you do it, make sure it has a nice thick detailed description along with your website URL.

Third, have a page on your website for videos. You should have a YouTube channel to upload your videos to, but then you should also use that video content on your own website. It can either be a videos page, or you can use videos for blog content, however you wanna do it. That's good, rich content that should also have a home on your main website.

Fourth, when adding the video to Facebook, which I recommend, you should upload the video directly, rather than just linking to the video on YouTube. That way as people are scrolling through their Facebook feed they'll actually see your video playing in the screen, rather than just a still image to click on to go to an external page. A lot of times, I think people would rather watch that type of content directly from Facebook than have to go to another website.

Number five, speaking of Facebook, you should add captions to your Facebook videos. Facebook has a built-in caption editor now that I think you should take advantage of. By default, most videos are going to be silent when one sees them in his feed. But, if you've got captions in there, the person can go ahead and kind-of read about the content of the video to decide if she wants to listen to it. Even if the viewer don't, he may still sit and watch the video just reading the words rather than listening to it.

Number six, have a call to action at the end of your video. If someone has sat through the video so that you've got her attention, before she goes away you should encourage her to do something. Come up with some kind of incentive for the person to come to your website, something that you give away for free, or whatever, in exchange for an email address.

Number seven, you can repurpose your video into audio and/or text content. For instance, you can use a program like Audacity to strip away or to separate an audio track from a video, and you can use it as an audio podcast, and then you can transcribe it yourself, or you can use a service online to do the transcription for you. That way that video becomes multiple pieces of content that you can use in other ways.

So these are seven zero cost strategies to make better use of your video content. Like I said earlier, if you're not currently doing video, you need to start. It should be a central piece of your Internet marketing strategy. If you can use some help with this kind of thing, contact us at Work Media at WorkMedia.net.

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