Have More Success with Your Internet Marketing by Matching the Visitor's Psychology - the Power of Congruency

Today I want to talk a little more about congruency. This is a concept that I talk about fairly often because it is so important in the world of Internet marketing. There are a couple of different ways you can look at this when when you think about congruency.

One way is in terms of congruency between the components of an Internet marketing campaign. Say you're running a paid search campaign. You need a high level of congruency between the target keyword, the ad copy and the landing page destination. That helps you in a couple of ways. For one thing, you have a greater chance of getting a click and a conversion if you match exactly what the person is looking for. But it also just helps you perform better with the Google AdWords platform because that's what Google wants to see. Google wants to see everything highly congruent, and it will reward you for that with higher quality scores and a lower cost per click.

Another way to look at congruency in a more broad sense is that you want to match the psychology of your visitor. For example, some people like to consume media by print because they prefer to read. Some people prefer to listen, as in an audio podcast, as a way to consume content. And of course some people prefer video.

For the above reasons, I recommend that you create content in a variety of different ways, especially if you're not sure exactly how your market or your customers prefer to consume their content. Now, if you know if you have rock solid evidence that there is one medium or another that performs well for you, then you should probably focus your time and resources on that. But if you're not sure, and you're probably not, then I suggest you create content in a variety of different media formats.

One thing that’s interesting is that with technology today you can start with one form and create other forms, especially if you start with video. Videos are the highest level of this hierarchy because it combines audio and visual content. So you can extract the audio track from a video and use that to create audio content, and then you can have that audio content transcribed to create text content. By doing this, you're providing content in a variety of different ways for people who like to consume content in different ways.

You might think, well, you know, people are going to get tired of seeing, hearing and reading everything you do if it is based on the same content. To which I say, you should be so lucky! If they actually consume your content in multiple formats, then that's awesome. I wouldn't worry about it. I would just try to be as aggressive as you can in systematically creating content on a regular basis and in different formats starting with the highest level and working your way down.

I don't always do it exactly as described above. Right now I'm speaking into a microphone creating an audio podcast that I will then turn into a text transcription for a blog post (that you are reading now!). I could have started at the video level, but I just wasn't in the mood to do a video. The higher level you start with, and the more different ways you try to cut something up, the longer it takes and the more resources required.

So in this case, I'm starting in the middle with audio, and then I'll break it down into into text content. Create content in different ways, and whatever you’re doing, try to match the psychology of your visitor. Be as congruent as you can in everything you do. If you need some help with this kind of thing, I invite you to get in touch with Nashville SEO Company today. We are ready to get inside your visitors heads and get it done!


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