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Seven Free Strategies for Making Better Use of Your Video Content

What I wanna talk about today are seven zero cost strategies for making better use of your video content. Now, if you don't currently create videos for your business, I highly suggest that you do, and that you manage a YouTube page to house those videos. It's well known now that YouTube is the second most highly searched search engine after Google. In addition to that, video content gets sucked into Google search results, so it's one more way for you to expose your business or your brand and inject yourself into Google search results.
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I Hate Nick Saban (but I Love His Process)

If you've ever read or seen anything about how Saban operates, you know that he doesn't really focus so much on a particular end result. He's all about the process. He wants his players doing everything exactly the same way until they are perfect at it. That focus on process is really a very good lesson for your business, especially in terms of internet marketing.
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The Importance of Content Length in Your SEO Strategy

One thing that most people writing content for their websites or blogs don't really pay enough attention to is the length of their content. If one of your objectives is to achieve search engine visibility, then this can have a great effect on your success. You will find that the top ranked websites for many important keywords have fairly lengthy content.
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Keyword Blogging for SEO

You really can’t get around the fact that if you want to increase traffic to your website, you have to do some work. Two things at the top of the list are blogging and organic search engine optimization. Doing either one will improve your chances at generating search engine traffic, but if you do them BOTH, then that’s even better. And if you do them BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, then you’ve really got a winning combination!

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Understanding Your Google Ad Conversion Data

One thing that many businesses still tend to discount or not understand is their website conversion data. Traffic is great. Nothing happens ‘til somebody visits your website. But at the end of the day, what you’re trying to create is a conversion, not a visit.

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How to Use the Google Analytics Behavior Flow Chart to Understand Your Organic Search Traffic

One of the interesting things you can learn from your Google Analytics account is how people arrive at your website and then navigate your site. This is learned through the Behavior Flow report.

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Have More Success with Your Internet Marketing by Matching the Visitor's Psychology - the Power of Congruency

Your Internet marketing will be more successful if you are congruent, whether you are talking about matching up keywords, ads and landing pages; or matching the visitor's psychology with the correct media format.

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My Favorite Link Building Strategy

Link building for SEO purposes has changed dramatically in recent years. There is one strategy that we here at Nashville SEO Company really like because it ties in nicely with the content creation process and can result in some relevant, nice quality links.

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Getting Started with Facebook In-stream Video Ads

Facebook has released a new ad format that I think could be very useful to you. It is an in-stream video format, which means that it will allow you to place a short video - basically a commercial for your business - into a longer format video. This is similar to the in-stream video format that YouTube offers, but it has some differences.

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Sales Funnels - Nashville SEO Style

Funnels are not new concepts, but I think they remain greatly under-utilized by most businesses these days. Part of the problem is that many business owners are very qualified to sell a particular service or type of product, but they are not necessarily skilled or educated in business / marketing concepts. So they just don’t know about sales funnels.

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Optimizing Your Content Creation Process

I have found a way to create my podcast content and my video content at the same time by using a free Windows program called Audacity. With this program, I can load my video file and export it as an audio file, so the audio track from my video becomes the main part of my audio podcast. I do also have a little piece of intro music that I am adding to it.

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How to Update Your Facebook Buisness Page with Your WordPress Blog Posts

Most of the websites I manage for my clients (and for myself) run on the WordPress platform. A strategy I often employ is to post blog posts to the website through WordPress, and then use that post as the subject of a Facebook update. However, the Facebook post needs to have an accompanying image. Facebook posts need to have an image. A post without an image will get overlooked. If you’re posting something to your personal account, that is fine. But if we’re talking about an update for your business Page, you need it to be noticed! That’s kind-of the point.

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