I Hate Nick Saban (but I Love His Process)

Work Media / Nashville SEO Company is based in Dickson, Tennessee. Dickson is about a half hour drive west of Nashville. In these parts, we are huge college football fans. It truly is a religion in this part of the country. I'm a Tennessee Vols fan… Yeah, it's been about a rough decade around here for Vols football, which is why I hate Nick Saban…but I absolutely admire the man because he is so business like, so successful – the most successful college football coach of all time.

If you've ever read or seen anything about how Saban operates, you know that he doesn't really focus so much on a particular end result. He's all about the process. He wants his players doing everything exactly the same way until they are perfect at it. That focus on process is really a very good lesson for your business, especially in terms of internet marketing.

If you want to be successful in internet marketing, you need a process. You need something you do systematically – the same thing every day, every week. You need to have it mapped out and you need to do it. You need to be creating content on a regular basis. If you have a process, you have to stick to the process.

Earlier this year I was doing a pretty good job of creating content regularly, and then some things happened, I got pulled away from it, and up until now I really didn't get back on the process. I'm just now getting back into it and months have passed by. That's not good. That's not the way it works.

You have to be systematic. You must create content every day, every week. Some of it goes on your website as blog content or just new optimized pages. I do recommend that you do content creation from an SEO standpoint. Do it with keywords in mind – keywords that you've researched and know generate traffic.
You need to be systematic in how you approach social media. You need to post social media material every day, especially when you post content to your website. Feed that through your social media accounts. You need to build your social media following. Do all these things, do them systematically, do them regularly, and do them well.

The problem a lot of business owners have is that they just don't have time for this stuff. If you don't have time, get some help. Hire someone like me who does it professionally. Or if you have a teenage son or daughter, maybe they could write some articles for you. However you do it, find a way to create content, feed it through your internet marketing system, and do it regularly. Be systematic and follow a process.
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