My Favorite Link Building Strategy

When it comes to SEO, we here at Nashville SEO Company tend to focus on content creation as our number one core ongoing strategy. Certainly, there are many more components to a well-rounded SEO campaign, and a lot of preliminary type of stuff that happens when we first start. But creating new content and feeding it to Google on a regular basis is our bread and butter.

However, we cannot deny the importance of link building. Creating links to your website is still quite important.

BUT…link building ain’t what it used to be!

There was a time when we would spend hours setting up complicated linking networks. We used software that would create accounts on various websites and then push “spun” content through those sites. A spun article is one that is written using a special syntax that provides various options or alternatives for the words and phrases in an article. Then a program randomly selects from those options. The idea is that you would start with one core article and end up with lots of articles that were technically different. A lot of times they also ended up looking like junk and sounding like gibberish. Needless to say, we don’t do that anymore.

There are a lot of ways to create links, but I have to say my favorite strategy for creating links is social media.

I like using social media because it creates links while also building up social “capital.” Google says that social media activity doesn’t really affect search rankings, and maybe it doesn’t…but it could in the future. So using social media as a link building tool has multiple benefits – it creates links which help search rankings, it spreads your business brand to a targeted market, and it creates social media influence that just might help search positioning in the future.

So how exactly does social media create links? It’s very simple. When you post something on Facebook or another social media platform that contains a link to your website, if someone else shares that post, then that creates a link to your website on that person’s social media profile. These are different from links created using the old junk method described above because the person will usually have a history in the platform and links to various other profiles that demonstrate he is a real person.

You can also be strategic about it and focus on sharing content with other businesses. Now, if it is a direct competitor in the same market, then it might be unlikely that your post would be shared. However, if you can find complimentary businesses to friend and cross-promote, then that can create very nice links related to your industry or your geographic market.

Let’s talk about Facebook specifically. To begin with, you need to set up a Page for your business so that you can promote your business and use Facebook as a business. Then you want to follow and interact with other business Pages as your business, rather than as yourself personally. The screenshot below points out where to click to view a newsfeed consisting of updates of the businesses you follow.

As you go through this process, look for businesses that are complimentary to yours, or at least located in your geographic market, to follow. Then occasionally like or share their updates. Most businesses are desperate for anyone to like their stuff…so they will notice. Some will follow you back. What you want is for them to share your own content to their timelines. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won’t…but the key is make the first move.

Now, a link from a personal timeline is fine as well. No social media link is bad. But the reason I encourage you to be proactive in trying to get shares from other business Pages is because of the higher relevance. If you own an auto repair shop, and a local auto dealer shares a link to your website on his Facebook Page, then that creates a relevant link from a related type of business.
You can even be more proactive and contact the owners of other business Pages and work out arrangements to share each other’s material.

In addition to the link benefit, you benefit from the exposure to the other Pages followers. It is then possible that some of those people will like your Page or share your post on their timelines. It can be exponential.

One more reason that I really like this technique of creating links is that it ties into the content creation process. When you post new content to your website, you don’t want to just hope that somebody finds it. You want to push it out to try and drive traffic to it. How do you do this? Social media!

The downside to this whole process is that it can definitely take some time. And you need to be systematic about it. You need to do it every week, if not every day. If you struggle with this type of activity because you are just too busy running your business, Nashville SEO Company / Work Media is here to help. We can assist in whatever task you need. We can even be your Internet marketing department! Get in touch with us today if we can be of assistance.

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