The Importance of Content Length in Your SEO Strategy

One thing that most people writing content for their websites or blogs don't really pay enough attention to is the length of their content. If one of your objectives is to achieve search engine visibility, then this can have a great effect on your success. You will find that the top ranked websites for many important keywords have fairly lengthy content.

It makes sense then to follow what the top ranked sites are doing. If you provide the amount of content that Google seems to favor, and optimize your pages according to standard search engine practices, then you stand a good chance of ranking well. Certainly, this can be inconvenient. But it is what it is. If Google likes long content then give it long content

The way to know this is to do your own research. Perform searches for the keywords for which you would like to rank and examine the content of those pages. If you find those pages are light on content, then that may be an opportunity for you to position yourself well by writing longer pieces. If you find those pages are heavy on content, then you'll need to do the same.

I have often recommended to my clients that they target a minimum of 300 words for blog posts. But depending on the competition for your target keywords, that just may not be enough. Writing content can be a very time-consuming process - more time than many business owners have at their disposal. If that is the case, then you may have to turn to a third party to do some writing for you. There are companies and individuals that specialize in writing Internet content.

There are also other forms of content to consider - audio, video, infographics, etc. That makes the process of creating content even more time-consuming. Ideally you will publish some form of content every day, but from a search engine optimization standpoint, text content should still be your primary strategy. Just be prepared to make it heavy.

The number one thing is to write something and push it out. But if you want to achieve maximum results, shoot for content with as many words as you can and follow the basic rules of on-page content optimization.

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