About Nashville SEO

It's all about the search rankings y'all!
Nashville SEO was founded by Jerry Work, who has been involved in the field of website development and marketing for 20 years. He has authored numerous books over the years on the subject of Internet marketing, as well as many dozens of articles. We are experts in website promotion, including: Our staff are certified Google professionals. We take an ROI-focused approach to marketing. You need to make money...we need to make money...and the only way anybody makes any money is if some business gets done! We're not a bunch of hippies (not that we have anything against hippies). We're business people.

We make it our mission to stay on top of the strategies that work best right now. At this time, Google is giving strong preference to sites that are well-optimized for mobile. So using technologies like AMP and SSL, that's what we're concentrating on. We want to give Google and every other search engine exactly what it wants to see.

That's why we're called Nashville SEO. If you need an ad for a magazine (do people still read those things?) or a jingle for a radio ad, you should probably go somewhere else (although we have been known to play a mean lick on a guitar). No, we're called Nashville SEO because what we do is create highly optimized websites and work to drive traffic to those sites.

And don't think because we're in Nashville we're a bunch of hicks. Nashville is just about the fastest growing city in the U.S., and there are a bunch of seriously smart people in this town. We like to include ourselves in that group. So whether your business is located in Nashville or New York City, give us a call if you want to work with a team of ultra focused Internet marketers who will work our butts off to get results for you.

104 Masonic Street
Dickson, TN 37055
Email: jwork@workmedia.net
Phone: 615-745-3094